Sunday, 27 May 2012

And meanwhile elsewhere.....

The sun is shining brightly in Birmingham at the moment-we're in the midst of a mini heatwave with temperature hovering around the 26C mark. Looking at the thermometer on the laptop here I note that inner city Brum is hotter than lovely Alicante Spain
However somewhere in this world of ours the killing and mayhem continues in Syria and in Afghanistan. Today I herd of another young life lost in Helmand Provence and of a massacre of 92 souls in Syria including 40 odd children. What justification can there ever be for this slaughter? How can those responsible sleep at night? What images do these killers see as they close their eyes? 
The sad thing is that the majority of people in the West have gotten used to hearing of theses outrages & now don't pay much heed when they hear of them. When will we realise that evil triumphs when good men do nothing??

There is so much happening in the world at the moment which troubles my heart. I hear and read of the financial troubles of Greece & lately of Spain. I hear of the hardship & near starvation of the people of Greece & I feel both outrage. I feel sadness that these nations with so much culture, history & romance are struggling to survive due to the greed of bankers & currency speculators.   

This week in the UK we heard that Cameron's Government have endorsed a report that says that employers could have the right to fire people without prior notice & at the same time removing the right of workers io seek claim for 'unfair dismissal'.  Why is anyone surprised? This was bound to happen once a Conservative government was voted in. They represent the wealthy and the employer-not the worker. Why the fuss? The majority were bloody stupid enough to vote for these prats so you & the rest of us have gotta suffer such draconian laws& statement for the next damn 5 years!

On a lighter note-(though sadly not cheerful!) the UK came second last in last nights Eurovision Song Contest. Representing us was the 76 year old crooner Engelbert Humperadinck who God help him did his best with the material he had but it wasn't good enough!. Thinking about it it would perhaps have been more fitting and (?)more appropriate, if the UK had got a group of singers playing medieval musical instruments, singing one of Shakespeare's sonnets. ( abit jazzed up for the occasion of course). After all it is the Queens Diamond Jubilee, The (bloody) Olympics are coming to the UK & Shakespeare was a Brit. Just a thought....

Wherever you are people I hope that the sun shines for you, that your life is peaceful & that your country lives within its means in justice & fairness for all.

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