Thursday, 3 May 2012

This is taking the Piss.....


House with rubbish behind itThe pile of household and industrial rubbish towers over nearby homes

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A Black Country business that is responsible for a pile of rubbish which towers over homes is facing legal action.
The Environment Agency is applying for a High Court injunction to stop RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Ltd putting more rubbish on to the Brierley Hill site.
Residents claim the pile, made up of household and industrial refuse, is a health hazard.
RDF Ltd has failed to meet five out of seven deadlines to reduce it.
Judges at Birmingham High Court will decide later whether to grant the injunction.
Environment Agency environment manager David Hudson said: "We appreciate the patience that local residents are showing and would like to thank them for their help and understanding.
"We would also like to assure residents that we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue and have a dedicated project team working on this."

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