Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dianne Abbott & racism

Of all the 'isms' the one which I abhor, which I believe is steeped in ignorance, superstition and above, all fear, is racism. The evil creed of racism has recently reared its malevolent head across a broad front in British society. From football, to the recent court case regarding the murder of the late Steven Lawrence, racism has made the headlines & proven itself to be alive & festering in 21st century Britain.
The latest manifestation of the evilness of racism came 2 days ago when Labour Member of Parliament Diana Abbott made an outburst on 'Twitter' when she said that "White people love playing divide & rule. We should not play their game".
I like Diane Abbott. I believe she would make a fantastic leader of the Labour party. She is intelligent, assertive, & committed. The Labour Party needs a leader who will stand up & be counted, a leader from an ethnic minority & its about time Labour had a female leader. So imagine my dismay when I head her retort this week!
On the one hand I think she has a valid point, & one of the reasons I support Diane is that she says what she thinks (& believes?). But these comments frankly cause me to feel a little disquiet. Better if she had said that "Some white people..." Rather than be so global. And I wonder too, what action  the (weak) Labour leader Ed Miliband have undertaken if a none black or Asian Member had made these comments? Hmmm...
Wherever it comes from racism is abominable & must not be permitted.

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