Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The hard sell,charities & cold callers at the door.

Kate and I donate to varies charities-not only when there's a crisis somewhere or other, or a street collection, but also by having a 'Direct Debit' from our bank whereby a fixed amount is taken out each month to the charity of our choosing.

Lately though I have to admit that I'm getting mighty pissed off with some of them.
What's happening is that most-(if not all of the Direct Debit charities) phone up initially at at time when they know you're home from work and at home. in-usually teatime.

First of all they thank you profusely for donating as you do to the particular charity then they attempt to persuade you to increase your donation. No matter how much you attempt to explain your own financial situation the person at the other end of the phone continues to harangue you until you either give in and increase your contribution of make some FIRM excuse and say "goodbye".
These calls really piss me off. Its begging by another name. If I wanted to increase my donation I'd do it . I don not want to be harangued by some faceless beggar on the phone who patronises me then begs for a few more quid.
Last night took the biscuit. Again around teatime-0about 630pm or so there was a knock at the front door. Opening it there was a young girl-she couldn't have left school more than 2 years ago I reckon. She thrust at me an ID badge and asked me to consider giving her money for, or taking out a Direct Debit mandate for 'Save the Children Fund'. Now SCF is one of the charities we give too, but guess what....she asked me to increase it!
More power to her-going from door to door doing this on a dark chilly January night but I can't help but think that she had to do this or else the Department of (un)employment would stop her benefit (bastards that they are).

Times in the UK are hard. That rat Cameron & all the other arse licking ex public school boy rats in his Cabinet along with his catamite side kick are pushing people to the brink with their ruthless policies. In order to make a living and in order to ensure that they continue to receive their unemployment benefit, people have to take any job. Thus I (along with others in our street) have had a succession of 'cold caller's selling everything from magazines to offers to change our phone supplier. Now I think that if I wanted to change, take out a sub' to a magazine whatever, I have enough about myself to go & organise this. So you can imagine how pissed off I feel when these lads come to my door. I do my best to be polite & not show my displeasure at their  (cos I'm aware that its an awful job & that they probably have to do it) but I have sent some of them away with  flea in their ear on a few occasions!!
I wish some Jehovah Witnesses would call!!- Remember those days??

Finally I'd link to bend your ears on Banks etc. No, I'm not going to rant about the bankers being the cause of all the present troubles in the world because we all know that to be the case,& I have spent many a rant postulating this belief.
BUT: each time \i go into my local Building Society to pay a bill the teller asks me when my house insurance is due? (come to that, when I renewed my car insurance over the phone they asked me the same question then!!) Of course I have that information ready at hand....as we all do...don't we?? Then they give out the sales pitch,telling me (you) how good their banks rates are. I feel like saying "Look love, fuck off! I have enough know how to look around for a good deal without you pressuring me to take out your organisations latest deal". I don't say this of course. 
They've been told to ask this. No doubt there's a faceless bastard of a manager lurking nearby listening to see if they ask the question. And, if they do manage to sell a deal then everyone (including the teller) get a bonus. But I loathe this hard sell technique.
These people & organisations have to make money, squeeze the man in the street for a bit more. Well I got a bit of news for the sellers......The man in the street ain't got any spare dough. So BACK OFF!!

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