Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Margaret Thatcher.....and Christmas 2011.

I came upon this photograph in a Christmas edition of The Daily Mail. Now, there is no way under God's heaven that I would ever buy such a right wing reactionary rag, but it was brought into my house by my eldest daughter-(where have I gone wrong?) "its for the puzzles daddy" she bleated in a mitigating whimper! So it was that Lord Rothermere's rag rested in our back kitchen for 2 or 3 days over the 21st Century's Yuletide vulgarisms.
Anyhow: The accompanying story read that Lady Thatcher was left alone, abandoned & lonely over Christmas when her two (adult) children were in Barbados & away skiing respectively. Doesn't my heart bleed for her. (not).
Obviously her kids have no relationship nor any connection with her, because during their formative years she was off buggering up the UK, creating mayhem across the globe & destroying the UK Trade Union system.
So Thatcher was left in the care of the other woman in the photo' over Christmas & the right wing rag made the most of it...."the Iron Lady alone at Christmas" or something like that it said.
Good enough for her after what & how she did to the UK miners during the long torturous of her premiership.She sent thousands into destitution & poverty by her totalitarian policies. Destroyed whole communities, extirpated families, created thousands of disconsolate spirits & brought about the death of many by her abominable polices & attitudes.
Moreover, perhaps she should have spent Christmas in a similar position & state to some of those I just mentioned-she should have a meagre Christmas dinner, sat in unheated house, with no future assured and be lonely. I shed not a tear for that woman.And I never will.

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