Monday, 9 January 2012

What gives....??

Charlie Coal has a problem. (And no wonder living in our house I hear you say!)
Whenever we happen to leave empty bag or box lying about the poor deranged feline leaps in to the cavity & sits there for an indeterminate length of time or until we actually tip him out.
Tonight was no exception:
After taking delivery of a new pair of winter boots, Esther left the empty box on the floor. Quick as a flash Charlie jumps into the box vacated by the boots! I took a quick snap of him, &,  as I type now he has curled his rotund feline form into the  (much too small) box & is asleep.
I enclose a picture for (hopefully) amusement!


  1. Charlie doesn't have a problem at all! He is just doing what cats do with empty boxes!

    Are you familiar with the Japanese cat Maru that reached fame on YouTube? ALL he does is play with boxes!

    If you dont' know him, Google him!

  2. I've just watched it! What a personality that cat has!
    I love Maru!