Saturday, 28 January 2012

He's driving me to distraction.....!

There's a saying that goes something like... 'When the cats away...' Well Kate's away in Belfast this weekend visiting her (very) elderly mom & it would appear as if the 'cat' in the literal sense of the word-(also known as) Charlie Coal is taking full advantage of the breakdown in 'normal' routine & boundaries which are normally set for him when Kate is about.
He's in & out of the house, is very vocal and constantly looking for food. I mean, he follows me about the house where ever I go. He ate his breakfast this morning, went out to play,but within 15 minutes returned and sat meekly beside his empty food dish smiling, staring at me as if saying " C'mon then, Paul, just a little smackeral if you please my man". It was jolly difficult to resist him, & so I gave in. Normally Kate would tell him to "get the hell out & not behave like a gannet." But the buggers got me where he wants me-I'm a sucker for his gustatory feline demands,
Given the opportunity, Charlie is a furry feline food processing unit. Today he's been strolling about the house like the lord of the damn manor! Periodically having a scratch, lounging where he shouldn't be lounging and  having something to say as he migrates from one room to another with grandeur befitting a peer of the realm.
I've just been graced with his presence for a brief moment in time.....long enough for him to cast a glance at me,  meow, then stroll out intimating that he wanted to once again wished to patrol the environs & go out to play.
I had been instructed by a cat...I HAD to obey.

You wait matey... The boss is back tomorrow.....lets see you try the "I'm the head-honcho around here" guise then!!

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