Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Interesting photograph

Tuesdays is my 'market day'.
 I either cycle or drive into the city centre of Birmingham to the outside market. The markets area lies in an old area of Birmingham where in the 16th Century Birmingham Manor House stood surrounded by a moat. Though the area of Digbeth dates back to 700AD. The Manor House has long, long since gone  & the once the moat was filled in c1817 a market was established. This area lies now between what is known as Smithfield & Digbeth.
Anyway. I go to the market weekly & get my vegetables etc- you get better quality & variety than at the supermarkets & frankly, at a cheaper price too.
Today as I strolled down a side street towards the market the watery winter sun was shining on my back shining on my back. To my right was a demolished pub but on my left was the old (not sure how old) Digbeth Police Station. But: In front I noticed the reflection of the Police Station on a glass fronted office block & I took the opportunity to snap it with my mobile. I like to share this photo with you and I have incidentally enclosed the frontage photo of the Police Station.

The Frontage of Digbeth police Station.

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