Monday, 9 January 2012

Health & Safety law gone crazy

Take a look at this young man to your left. His name is Eric Carter.
The photo was taken in c1941 when Mr Carter, now aged 91 years, was a fighter pilot ace in The RAF flying Hurricane fighter planes over Russia.
Eric today went to a museum in Stoke on Trent & saw a Hurricane of the type he flew against the Luftwaffe throughout the Second World War. He asked if he might have a closer look, & perhaps sit in the machine for 'old times sake'.
Guess what??.... He was refused by the museum staff. They apparently cited the 'Health & safety Law to prevent him from doing so. They said that the paint on the plane ..."had traces of radioactivity in it and that the seat was unsafe...."

God help us & save us all from the 'Nannie State' that is the UK today.
Its a bloody good job that there was no Health & Safety legislation in 1941 otherwise Eric & hundreds of other brave young men like him would never have took to the air! As Eric said " Its a pity the Luftwaffe weren't so caring as the Health & Safety people!"
Health & Safety....protecting us from ourselves....

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