Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Oscars 2012

I have never been much of a film goer. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of films I have inspired to see . I am not one of those who like some friends who go religiously to the movies every other week.
Thus, I haven't got any interest at all in who or what wins an Oscar . However I do feel aggrieved that the lovely, sexy, Meryl Streep is up for an Oscar for her portrayal of that witch Margaret Thatcher.
Despite my libidinous feelings towards M/s Streep there is no way under God's heaven that I could allow myself to go & sit through a film which portrays the debacle that Thatcher presided over & was instrumental in engendering when she was Prime Minister of these Islands.
I still feel physically sick & I shudder to my marrow when I hear Thatcher speaking the Prayer of St Francis.
Sadly both for M/s Streep (though she don't give a shite) & for me, is that my wanton desires for her are a tad less potent.
 However, I would commend to you Amanda Redman (pictured to the right & below)The fact that these 2 ladies are both blond is coincidental I assure you people.

The lovely Amanda Redman



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